FUN FACT: I love sewing pop culture homages out of felt.

Muppet Alphabet (original print) by Mike BaBoon

Muppet Alphabet (felt masterpiece) by me

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead

(ft baseball bat, Lucille)

Family member's pet rabbit, Lucille, as Negan

My amazing friend and proud Hufflepuff, Laura

The Hufflepuff crest sweater I made, a la Mrs Weasley

Laura is so amazing, I also made her the 12 Doctor Who doctors as pugs (for reasons). Soon: Dr. lady pug. 

And then, when Laura became Mrs. Laura, I made these felt pieces for the Sushi Go themed party table.

An original Ginger Doodle.

*work in progress* Felt rendition of Ginger's Ginger Doodle.


Adam wearing a pug hat. 

Lily posing in front of a bacon (human) body pillow.

Matt wearing an Alien sweatshirt from my Pizza Planet collection. 

Jacqueline Harper made this really cool website.